The Women in Houdini’s Life

The Women in Houdini’s Life

Houdini was one of the greatest marketers of all time. He impacted the world in so many ways. His life was like a series of work concentrated periods, much like a painter or sculptor. One of the most important influences for Harry Houdini were the women in his life: his mother and his wife.

Illusion Versus Reality

Houdini’s dream was to make his mother proud and to take care of her. This was one of the greatest motivators he had throughout his life. And even after she died, although he was a magician who peddled illusion for a living, his greatest hope was to contact his mother from beyond the grave.

Houdini Day

Bess Houdini, Harry’s wife, helped him throughout his career in many ways. She started out as his assistant and in later years represented his home life. While still alive Houdini and Mrs. Houdini agreed on a code so that whoever was to die first would try to contact the other, with the code authentication as proof of contact. Harry Houdini died first and absolute proof that he contacted his wife was never made. Houdini died on Halloween of 1926 which became known as “Houdini Day” the name of the website you are reading from right now.