Contacting Houdini from Beyond the Grave

Houdini Day and Houdini’s Handbook: The Art of Being Unapologetically ABEIFY (Artist, Businessperson, Educator, Innovator, Facilitator, and You

In a world filled with labels and boxes, there emerged a figure who defied every attempt to be categorized: Harry Houdini. This man was not just a master of escape; he was a maestro of life itself, embodying the essence of what it means to be an ABEIFY—Artist, Businessperson, Educator, Innovator, Facilitator, and You. But who was this enigmatic figure, and how did he manage to slip the shackles of societal expectations with the same ease as he did physical ones? Let’s dive into the magical mystery that is Houdini, the ultimate ABEIFY.

The Great Escapologist: Artist Extraordinaire

Houdini wasn’t just performing tricks; he was crafting art. Each escape was a masterpiece, painted with chains and locks instead of brushes and paint. But Houdini knew the canvas was not just the stage; it was the human mind. He played with perception and perspective, teaching us that the greatest art of all might just be the art of possibility.

The Illusion of Business: Houdini’s Commercial Conjuring

Behind the curtain of smoke and mirrors was a mind as sharp as the locks were tight. Houdini turned his name into a brand, his acts into assets. He understood the value of marketing, of branding, and of creating an experience that people would pay for, not just once, but over and over again. In doing so, he showed us that business itself can be the greatest illusion of all.

The Educator in Disguise: Lessons in Skepticism and Wonder

Houdini did not simply entertain; he educated. He taught us to question, to doubt, and to never take reality at face value. Through his battles against spiritualists and mediums, Houdini became a crusader for skepticism, urging us to challenge the charlatans and to seek the truth behind the trickery. Yet, in every lesson of doubt, he planted seeds of wonder, reminding us that the world is full of mysteries waiting to be solved.

Innovation in Chains: Houdini’s Legacy of Creativity

Every lock picked and chain escaped was a testament to Houdini’s relentless innovation. He saw every limitation as a challenge, every barrier as an invitation to invent. Houdini didn’t just escape from physical confines; he broke free from the mental prisons of convention, proving that innovation isn’t just about creating something new but about seeing the old in new ways.

Facilitating Fascination: The Architect of Awe

Houdini knew that his greatest escapes were not solo acts but shared experiences. He facilitated a space where the impossible became possible, if only for a moment. Through his performances, Houdini created a communal sense of awe, a collective gasp that transcended language, culture, and creed. He reminded us that at the heart of every facilitation is the opportunity to connect, to inspire, and to transform.

You, the Aspirant: Finding the Houdini Within

In the mirror of Houdini’s life, we find not just the reflection of a man but the invitation to see ourselves as ABEIFYs. He challenges us to escape our own constraints, to innovate our paths, and to educate, not just others, but ourselves. Houdini’s legacy is not just in the chains he escaped but in the minds he freed, urging us to find the magic within and to share it with the world.

The Final Act: Unlocking Your Inner ABEIFY

As the curtain falls on our exploration of Houdini’s world, we are left with the key to our own shackles. Houdini’s life teaches us that to be an ABEIFY is to embrace the full spectrum of our potential, to blend art with enterprise, skepticism with wonder, and innovation with tradition. It’s a reminder that the greatest escape is not from the physical binds but from the limits we place on ourselves.

So, on this Houdini Day, let’s celebrate not just the man but the spirit of ABEIFY he embodies—a spirit of endless curiosity, boundless creativity, and the courage to ask, “What if?” And in doing so, may we all find a little bit of Houdini within ourselves, ready to perform the greatest escape of all: into the limitless possibilities of our own lives.

ABEIFY has the mission to provide useful archives and solutions for you, the ABEIFY (Artist Businessperson Educator Innovator Facilitator You), and its founder believes that for the good of all it is important that “Humanity Guide AI”. Hence, he established the AI Do Good Awards that recognizes past and present AI pioneers who have made a difference in Artificial Intelligence. Also, the images on this page were created under human guidance and were generated by DALL-E, an AI technology developed by OpenAI.

Contacting Houdini from Beyond the Grave

Community is Magic: Houdini Day on October 31 Inspires the Celebration of Community Across America

A Magical Gathering: Every year, on October 31st, the streets of America don a festive look not only for Halloween but also to commemorate a legend: Harry Houdini. While goblins and witches may take center stage for most, a growing number of communities are coming together to celebrate Houdini Day, highlighting the essence of community spirit. And much has happened with technology since Houdini passed on October 31, 1926 including a wider awareness and use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). But is AI is Not Magic, AI is Science.

From Chains to Connections: Harry Houdini, famed for his breathtaking escape acts, was always more than just a magician. Beyond his chains and locked boxes, he crafted an aura that drew people from all walks of life. Today, Houdini Day serves as an inspiration, urging communities to build connections, much like Houdini did with his audiences.

Festivities Beyond the Tricks: Across America, the festivities have evolved beyond mere magic tricks. Town squares host art fairs, local theaters run Houdini documentaries, and community centers become hubs for storytelling sessions about the magician’s life, emphasizing the importance of togetherness.

A Stage for All: Magic, on this day, isn’t restricted to professionals. Communities encourage local residents, young and old, to showcase their talents, be it magic, music, or any other form of art. Streets become a mosaic of diverse performances, emphasizing the idea that everyone has a unique magic to share.

Learning Through Community Workshops: Numerous community-led workshops spring up, teaching curious minds the basics of magic. These spaces not only impart skills but also highlight the importance of mentorship, collaboration, and community learning – essential facets that Houdini always endorsed. And in some instances, there might even be the exploration of AI, like Houdini, aspire to do good for humanity, or at least engage and entertain them.

Bridging Gaps with Stories: Every tale about Houdini’s feats becomes a bridge connecting generations. Grandparents share stories with their grandchildren, creating a thread of shared history and appreciation. Such moments underline the day’s motto that community truly is magic.

Celebrations that Unite: Amidst the digital age, where screens often overshadow face-to-face interactions, Houdini Day emerges as a breath of fresh air. The physical gatherings, shared laughter, and collective awe serve as reminders of the inherent human need for community and connection.

Beyond the Legend: While Houdini remains the focal point, the day is also an opportunity for communities to celebrate local legends and stories. This inclusive approach ensures that while the magic of Houdini serves as the catalyst, the day evolves to represent the magic within every community.

A Ripple Effect: The magic of Houdini Day doesn’t end on October 31st. The collaborations formed, the stories shared, and the connections made often ripple out, inspiring community activities and gatherings throughout the year, proving that the essence of the day is evergreen.

Embracing the Spirit: As communities across America gear up to celebrate, the spirit of Houdini Day serves as a testament to the power of collective spirit and action. In the end, it’s a gentle reminder that when communities come together, magic is not just an act – it’s an experience, and it’s everywhere.

Contacting Houdini from Beyond the Grave

Is AI the New Houdini? – A Friend to the Press with Tech Innovations of the Time including Even Being in Movies in the 1920’s – What Might Houdini Say About Artificial Intelligence?

Houdini’s Legacy in Escapology

Harry Houdini (Erich Weisz) is a name synonymous with the art of escape. His thrilling and often death-defying acts captivated audiences worldwide. Dangling from skyscrapers or being locked in underwater containers, Houdini always managed to escape, pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible. Today, as technology continues to advance, there’s a question of whether AI can capture the imagination in the same manner as the legendary escape artist?

AI: The Modern Marvel

AI has already shown its prowess in many sectors, from healthcare to entertainment. Its algorithms process vast amounts of data in seconds, providing solutions that sometimes baffle even the most seasoned experts. While it doesn’t have the physical presence of a performer, AI’s capabilities can be equally awe-inspiring. In many ways, AI’s feats in data processing and problem-solving are modern-day magic tricks.

Innovative Escapes Designed by AI

Just as Houdini used the technology of his time to amplify his acts, magicians today could leverage AI. By processing various physical constraints and possibilities, AI could assist in designing escape acts that seem impossible. These AI-designed performances could hold audiences on the edge of their seats, echoing the suspense that Houdini’s acts once did. And you too can keep audiences mesmerized if you Become a Mentalist.

The Human Element: Houdini’s Charm

While AI’s capabilities are vast, Houdini’s charm wasn’t just about the act itself, but the man behind it. His charisma, the stories he told, and the emotional connection he forged with his audience were integral to his performances. Can AI replicate this emotional connection, or would it merely serve as a tool for the human performer? If anyone could, he would today use the tools to create the experiences as a Manhattan Magician.

Publicity Stunts in the Age of AI

Houdini was a master of publicity, using daring stunts to draw media attention. In today’s digital age, AI could be leveraged for similar publicity stunts, solving complex problems or challenges in real-time. While the nature of the stunt might change, the aim would remain the same: capturing public attention and imagination. And as a performer who both did performance while overseeing the business, he was the ultimate magic entreprenuer.

The Role of Movies and Popular Culture

Houdini recognized the power of cinema and used it to reach a broader audience. Similarly, AI has been the centerpiece of many films and series, highlighting its potential and sometimes its dangers. Through cinema, AI, much like Houdini, has managed to enthrall audiences and embed itself in popular culture. He was a great Marketer Magician.

The Fusion of AI and Performance Art

Beyond just escape acts, there’s potential for a deeper fusion of AI and performance art. AI could help design illusions, choreograph performances, or enhance audience interaction. This blend of technology and artistry could usher in a new era of entertainment, reminiscent of the innovation Houdini brought to the stage. And by studying how he latter in life exposed “spirit mediums” can be a good lesson to Invent Mentalism.

Public Perception: Fear and Fascination

Houdini’s acts were thrilling partly because as a USA Magic what he did actually carried genuine risk. Similarly, the public’s perception of AI oscillates between fear of the unknown and fascination with its capabilities. Magicians and performers leveraging AI would need to navigate this fine line, ensuring their acts inspire wonder rather than fear.

Houdini’s Take on AI

While we can only speculate, Houdini’s innovative spirit suggests he might have been fascinated by AI. As a pioneer who embraced technology and media of his time, he could potentially see AI as a tool to elevate his art. Houdini’s vision always centered around pushing boundaries, and AI certainly offers a frontier full of possibilities. Houdini was a creator of experiences of magic entertainment.

Conclusion: The Ever-Evolving World of Magic and Entertainment

Houdini set a precedent in the world of magic, showing that with innovation and charisma, boundaries could be pushed and audiences worldwide captivated. As AI continues to evolve and integrate into various fields, there’s potential for it to become a cornerstone of future entertainment. Whether or not it can achieve the legendary status of Houdini, AI certainly promises to bring a wave of wonder and innovation to the stage just like today’s Web Design Magician.

Contacting Houdini from Beyond the Grave

What is the light that Houdini Day sheds for innovative out-of-the-box strategies?

“Houdini Day” serves as a potent metaphor for AI email marketing, emphasizing the need for innovative, out-of-the-box strategies and meticulous tracking, akin to the legendary magician Harry Houdini’s approach to his craft. This ethos applies to all aspects of an AI Cold Email Campaign, from engaging audiences to continuously optimizing the campaign based on analysis.

Drawing parallels with Houdini’s captivating performances, the email campaign should engage audiences, with metrics like open rates providing insights into the effectiveness of subject lines. As Houdini Day reminds us of the power of persistent communication, monitoring response rates can indicate how successful emails are in initiating dialogues.

Your emails should incite curiosity and exploration in readers, akin to the allure of Houdini’s acts, which can be measured through click-through rates. Conversion rates symbolize the climax of marketing efforts, mirroring Houdini’s dramatic finales, highlighting the importance of turning interest into action.

“Houdini Day” emphasizes the value of understanding and tailoring to your audience, which can be achieved through AI tools that analyze audience behavior. This ensures a dynamic and effective campaign, mirroring Houdini’s audience-centric performances.

Just as Houdini innovated his acts continuously, marketers are reminded to optimize their campaigns perpetually, using AI tools to understand what’s working and what needs refining.

“Houdini Day” celebrates creativity and tenacity, urging marketers to experiment with different approaches in their AI Cold Email Campaigns. This aligns with the overall goal of making email marketing as captivating as Houdini’s legendary performances.

In conclusion, “Houdini Day” is a powerful metaphor that teaches marketers the value of innovation, perseverance, meticulous tracking, and continuous optimization in their AI Cold Email Campaigns, ensuring they leave a lasting impression much like Houdini did.

Contacting Houdini from Beyond the Grave

Channel the Marketer’s Magic (Houdini Day): Learn 1 of 10 Secrets for the Ask AI Guy’s Invent Revenue System

Channel the Marketer’s Magic (Houdini Day): Inspired by the marketing prowess of Houdini, this step demonstrates how to incorporate Houdini’s marketing magic into your AI strategy and reap the incredible benefits that this amalgamation offers. For this you will need to utilize a text to website solution in ten steps.

Houdini, one of the world’s most famous magicians and illusionists, was also a master marketer who knew how to create intrigue and fascination around his performances. Channeling this kind of marketing magic into your AI strategy can bring captivating results. Here is how you could approach this using a text-to-website solution in ten steps:

Identify Your Goals: Understand why you want to create a website. Is it to promote a product, to provide information, to create a platform for interaction, or some other purpose?

Understand the Technology: Familiarize yourself with AI tools that convert text into a website. Services like Wix ADI, Firedrop, and others use AI to create a website based on text input.

Select an AI Tool: Choose the AI platform that best suits your needs and your level of expertise.

Create Your Content: Write the text that will serve as the input for your AI tool. Make sure it accurately represents what you want on your website.

Use the AI Tool: Input your text into the AI tool. This could involve answering questions about your preferences and providing the content you want on your website.

Review the Output: Take a look at the initial website generated by the AI. Does it reflect your vision and achieve your goal?

Seek Assistance if Needed: If the output isn’t what you expected or if you’re struggling with the AI tool, don’t hesitate to seek help. This could involve reaching out to customer support, looking for tutorials online, or hiring a professional.

Refine and Customize: Most AI website builders allow you to refine and customize the website after the initial generation. Adjust the layout, color scheme, font, and other elements to better suit your preferences and goals.

Publish Your Website: Once you’re happy with your website, publish it. Promote it on your social media channels, through email marketing, and other platforms.

Analyze and Optimize: Use website analytics to understand how visitors are interacting with your website. Make necessary adjustments based on this feedback to improve user experience and achieve your goals.

Like Houdini, who mastered the art of capturing the public’s attention, the combination of well-crafted content and a unique website can work wonders for your AI strategy. By utilizing a text-to-website AI tool, you’re not only making the website creation process easier, but also creating a platform that’s aligned with your objectives and designed to engage your target audience.

Contacting Houdini from Beyond the Grave

Ask AI Guy Imagines What it Would Be Like if Houdini Had AI

Marketer Magician Harry Houdini Died in 1926,
But What if this Marketing Genius Lived Today
How Would he Use AI to Promote Himself?

If Harry Houdini were alive today, he would likely be integrating the latest technology into his marketing strategies. Born as Erik Weisz in Budapest, Hungary in 1874, Houdini moved to the United States with his family in 1878 and settled in Wisconsin. Changing his name to Harry Houdini to sound more American, he began his career in show business as a trapeze artist at the age of 9. Still a kid he was already generating interest, and in a sense started building his brand.

After reading about the French magician Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin, Houdini became interested in magic and began performing professionally at the age of 17. He toured with his own magic show in 1899, and soon developed a reputation for escaping from handcuffs and other restraints. He became known as the “Handcuff King” for his ability to escape from any handcuffs.

Houdini’s fascination with technology and innovation would have made him an early adopter of artificial intelligence in marketing. He would have used AI-powered tools to automate mundane tasks such as sending emails and scheduling social media posts. This would have allowed him to focus on high-level strategic tasks that required his expertise, such as creating new magic tricks and escape stunts.

As an escape artist, Houdini would have used AI to optimize his marketing campaigns. With the help of AI-powered tools, he would have analyzed customer data in real-time and adjusted his strategies accordingly. This would have ensured that his marketing efforts were tailored to his ideal customers, just like his escape stunts were tailored to his audience.

Houdini’s daring escape stunts, which often involved being submerged in water or buried alive, would have been perfect for the age of social media. He would have used AI-powered tools to create viral content that would have spread quickly across social media platforms. This would have allowed him to reach a wider audience and draw more attention to his shows.

Houdini would have also used AI to improve his customer service. He would have used AI-powered chatbots to provide customers with 24/7 support and assistance, which would have improved customer satisfaction and reduced the workload on his team. These chatbots would have also provided personalized recommendations and product suggestions based on customer data, just like Houdini’s magic tricks were tailored to his audience.

As an early pioneer of using the media to promote his shows, Houdini would have been all over the latest AI-powered marketing tools. He would have given interviews to reporters and used AI-powered analytics to track his media coverage and adjust his marketing strategies accordingly. This would have allowed him to maximize his media exposure and draw even more attention to his shows.

Houdini’s fascination with death and the afterlife, and his love of poetry, would have made for some great AI-powered marketing campaigns. He would have used AI-powered tools to analyze customer data and social media trends, and then generated content that incorporated supernatural themes and quotes from his favorite poems. This would have created a powerful emotional connection with his audience, just like his daring escape stunts did.

Houdini’s physical fitness and dedication to exercise would have made him a strong advocate for healthy living, and he would have used AI-powered marketing tools to promote this message. He would have used customer data to identify potential leads and provide insights into their behavior and preferences, and then created targeted marketing campaigns that encouraged healthy living and exercise.

Finally, Houdini’s skill as a locksmith and his fascination with locks and restraints would have made him an expert at using AI-powered data analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities in his marketing campaigns. He would have used AI-powered tools to analyze customer data and identify potential weaknesses in his marketing strategies, just like he used his knowledge of locks to escape from handcuffs and other restraints.

Contacting Houdini from Beyond the Grave

METHOD HOW to USE AI FOR taking the October 31 Houdini Celebration as the Basis for a Book about How to do Publicity Stunts Like Houdini Did

Harry Houdini Did Publicity Stunts Often in the Form of Compelling Public Escapes

Even though he passed away on Halloween, 1926, before websites, search engines and Artificial Intelligence, Harry Houdini, whose given name was Erich Weisz, is still considered by most experts to be the most famous magician in the world, living or dead. All Hallows Eve (October 31) even became known as Houdini Day or National Magic Day.

For example, did you know that, according to Forbes, It was not until August 31, 1955 that the term “artificial intelligence” was coined for a “2 month, 10 man study of artificial intelligence” was submitted?

That means that despite AI being explored for the first time in 1955, it was not until 67 years later toward the end of 2022 and the development of ChatGPT, that the general public first really became aware of AI.

So if you are a magician, writer, effects creator or consultant to well known prestidigitators, even if you developed “AI” itself, it could take you 67 years or more to establish yourself in the magic industry. Do you have that kind of time?

To the rescue comes Harry Houdini is known for his incredible ability to perform daring escape acts and publicity stunts that captured the attention of audiences all around the world.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is possible to use Houdini’s October 31 Celebration as the basis for a book about how to do publicity stunts like Houdini did.

In this article, we will discuss the method of how to use AI for taking the October 31 Houdini Celebration as the basis for a book about how to do publicity stunts like Houdini did. In this instance you will also learn more about the path to Become a Mentalist.

  1. Research Houdini’s Stunts The first step in using AI to write a book about how to do publicity stunts like Houdini did is to research Houdini’s stunts. This involves collecting information about Houdini’s most famous stunts, including how he planned and executed them.
  2. Collect Data The next step is to collect data about Houdini’s stunts. This can be done by conducting interviews with experts in the field, reviewing historical records, and analyzing media coverage of Houdini’s performances.
  3. Choose an AI Tool Once you have collected the data, the next step is to choose an AI tool that can analyze the data. There are several AI tools available that can analyze data and provide insights. Some popular AI tools include IBM Watson, Google Cloud AI, and Microsoft Azure.
  4. Train the AI Tool After choosing an AI tool, the next step is to train the tool to analyze the data. This involves feeding the data into the tool and teaching it how to analyze the data. The AI tool will use machine learning algorithms to learn from the data and improve its analysis over time.
  5. Analyze the Data Once the AI tool has been trained, the next step is to analyze the data. The AI tool can analyze the data and provide insights into how Houdini planned and executed his stunts. The insights can be used to come up with new and creative publicity stunts.
  6. Brainstorm Ideas Using the insights provided by the AI tool, the next step is to brainstorm publicity stunt ideas. These ideas can be based on Houdini’s stunts or they can be entirely new and creative. The key is to come up with ideas that will capture the attention of the media and the public.
  7. Test the Ideas Once you have come up with some publicity stunt ideas, it is essential to test them before executing them. You can test your ideas on a small group of people to see how effective they are.
  8. Refine the Ideas Based on the feedback received from testing the ideas, you can refine them. This involves making changes to the ideas to make them more effective.
  9. Write the Book Once you have refined your publicity stunt ideas, it is time to write the book. The book should include detailed information about how to plan and execute publicity stunts, as well as examples of successful stunts that have been executed in the past. Additionally, you might also want to be a part of forming a related fan club in much the way that the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC did with its own organic process.
  10. Continuously Improve Finally, it is essential to continuously improve your publicity stunts and your book. This involves using AI to collect data, analyze the data, and come up with new and creative ideas. By using AI and continually refining your skills, you can create publicity stunts that are both engaging and effective.

As you can see, using AI in conjunction with Houdini’s October 31 Celebration as the basis for a book about how to do publicity stunts like Houdini did is an effective way to learn how to plan and execute successful stunts.

By researching Houdini’s stunts, collecting data, and analyzing the data with AI, it is possible to come up with new and creative ideas for publicity stunts that capture the attention of the public and the media as well.

So in conclusion, putting it in a different way, when you employ a METHOD HOW to USE AI FOR such projects as taking the October 31 Houdini Day celebration and turning it into a book, you too can do publicity stunts like Houdini, except adding to the mix AI!

Contacting Houdini from Beyond the Grave Coming to You on, well, Houdini Day, that Launches National Magic Week as Well as Annual Halloween Events…Séances!

Houdini below faces FEAR on the wing of an airplane while escaping from being bound by ropes!

Yes, Remembering Harry Houdini on Halloween Means Presenting an Homage to an ArtisticPreneur who Like All Hallows Eve Faced Fear Daily and Died on this Holiday in 1926

Where this Website Got its Name

Today, October 31, is the official date of “Houdini Day” which this website,, was named after. Plus, today “Houdini Day” also marks the launch of National Magic Week.

Prestidigitators Make a Difference on National Magic Week

During National Magic Week, members from the Society of American Magicians Assembly #1 Manhattan, NYC, as well as Assemblies all over America, perform conjuring on behalf of those in Hospitals, Community Centers, Nursing Homes and more.

Helping Others with the Wave of a Wand

In short, volunteer performances are done anywhere that magic can make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering, or who are are unable to get out and see a magic show in-person. Hence, the shows are brought to them!

History of National Magic Week

As can be seen on the national site of the S.A.M. there is a section on the history of National Magic Week. It all began around 95 years ago with the introduction “Houdini Day” in the summer of 1927, less than one year from the death of Harry Houdini on October 31, 1926.

It Somehow Makes Sense that the Most Famous Magician and Escape Artist in the World would Pass Away on Halloween!

Houdini, prior to his passing decades ago on Halloween, had been the president for 9 years of the Parent Assembly #1 of the Society of American Magicians which still exists to this day. The current president of S.A.M. Assembly #1 is magician Sterling Lee. Plus, there are now many assemblies (chapters) all across America.

And Now for Something Completely Different!

And if on today, October 31, you would like to do something “completely different,”one possibility on this “All Hallow’s Eve, is to join in on a tradition that dates back to the 1920’s. What is this mystery event? A séance!

Séance? Did You Say Séance?!

Yes, we said séance. You see each year all over the world, séances are held in hope of getting in touch with Harry Houdini from beyond the grave. There are several here in New York City annually, including one at Houdini’s former home.

Quite a Magical Week!

And if you do not have séance location close to you today on Houdini Day, you can find one live on video streaming. A little searching using your favorite search engine will reveal your online options. So have a great Houdini Day! And if you are a Magician, be sure to participate, starting today, in National Magic Week bringing magic to those who need it!


The Day after the Houdini Séance

Many magicians chose to tune into the remote séance held by this year’s two “Magicians of the Year.”

During the middle of event there was a disruption which was presumed to be a hacking. All of us got disconnected from the undertaking in progress. And then, even with a new Zoom link, there was yet another hacking. There were two camps of explanation. Some thought the spirit of Houdini had done the hackings as a publicity stunt to draw even more attention to himself and the séance that was done for him. Others believed that Harry had, had enough…

Contacting Houdini from Beyond the Grave Houdini Day

Countdown to a Day that is Especially Meaningful to Harry Houdini Fans, as Well as Previewing a Project about a METHOD HOW to Become a Professional Magician

Harry Houdini’s Sensationalistic Way of Advertising was Inspiration for METHOD HOW Strategy DIY

METHOD HOW to Get a Free Strategy DIY to Becoming a Professional Magician

And the countdown begins. Well actually, it began October 1, 2022. Depending on when you read this blog post on the “Houdini Day” website, a project being worked on at the METHOD HOW may have been completed. As of working on this page, METHOD HOW is currently developing an as of yet unnamed undertaking, that is relevant because we do know that it is on the topic of learning a METHOD HOW to become a professional magician.

Businesses in Need

Our further understanding as of today, is that the MH site is focused on helping businesses in need with weekly strategies free of cost to get their businesses back on track,. And our guess is this could include magicians also because they are entrepreneurs too.

Houdini’s Genius Self Promotion and the METHOD HOW Project

Here are three of the approximately thirty headlines that will be featured in the new METHOD HOW project that depending on when you are reading this may have been completed. We know that all three of the headlines were inspired by the sensationalistic style Houdini had in his promotions.

The Key to Unlock the Door to Becoming a Professional Magician

The #1 Tip for Successfully Working from Home Remotely Once Becoming a Professional Magician

The Hard Truth About Becoming a Professional Magician and How to Face it

If you want to become a mentalist or magician as your career and profession, the Strategy DIY currently being put together might be of interest to you.

What about Harry?

Do you know what the last day of this month is called? If you guessed All Hallows’ Eve you would be correct, but we are looking for a different day. Hmm. What is the name of this website? That’s it! You got it!

Let’s Speak with Houdini!

The sad aspect of October 31, is that it is when Harry Houdini (Erik Weisz) left this Mortal coil. But Houdini Day is also a time that a tradition of magicians all over the world is done which is to do a séance to communicate with the spirit of Houdini.

New York is the Place to Be on Houdini Day!

Houdini Day is a National Magic Day celebrated globally. And here in New York City, which is the location of where Houdini had been the president of The Society of American Magicians. That same Parent Assembly of S.A.M. still exists today which some of the individuals who put together this website, are members of.

A Tradition

And they of course they will be crossing their fingers when, on the 31st, they participate in one of several spirit seeking events here in NYC alone where Houdini lived. Plus, there will be events held all around the globe. This tradition, held annually starting in 1926 after his death, continues on.

Still Trying

It has been many years of attempting to communicate beyond the grave with Houdini, but no one or group has been successful.

If it is Going to Happen Here is Where it Will

But maybe this year will be different when members of the Society of American Magicians work toward mystically reaching out to their formal president in his hometown, Manhattan, the Big Apple?!


Also, there is now this site where you are reading these words. is the official website of Houdini Day! Surely this is the alignment of stars which will mean finally having the success of hearing from the world’s most famous escape artist and magician?! We’ll keep you posted!

If Houdini was Alive Today

Houdini was an Amazing Publicist for Himself Back in the 1920’s, But How Would He Feel About Today’s Social Media and Other Free Digital Publicity Methods?

The Downside of Digital

We’ve all heard the negative side of social media, where because of how someone represented themself or others portrayed them, leading to outcomes like suicide, reputations ruined and even trouble with the law. Social media is a touchy thing. On the one hand it provides an opportunity for promoting people or products, while on the other hand it can turn on you quickly in ways you might not expect.

Simpler Times?

Houdini did what he did during a very different time. Essentially there was one media, the local newspaper, and one way to succeed as a performer: get booked in bigger and bigger theaters. Although he did have negative press at times, overall, the method of gaining an audience was a pretty basic one. He would do something to attract the public to come out in throngs to watch him do a publicity stunt.

Get ‘Em to Tonight’s Show

Publicity stunts he did for an ever-growing crowd included escaping from a straitjacket while hanging upside down, he would do a publicity stunt locally, such as hanging upside down in a straitjacket hanging, escaping from it as the crowd gathered. And once triumphant, getting out the word he would be appearing at a particular theater that evening.

Everyone is the Media

How might Houdini use digital media if he was alive today. Some say he would take cues from influencers but innovating beyond that making it his own. He would probably use all the tools, hire others to do them for him but watching them very closely. And so on. There are those who believe Houdini would have a hard time of it today because now everyone has access to being the media themselves. How could he compete with that?


In his day only certain people who did outrageous and compelling things like he did would get written up in a newspaper. There was only so much room. He would get the publicity while others would not, so he rose up above them. I personally believe he would innovate. Come up with approaches that transcends whatever people are doing to promote themselves on social media.