Contacting Houdini from Beyond the Grave Coming to You on, well, Houdini Day, that Launches National Magic Week as Well as Annual Halloween Events…Séances!

Houdini below faces FEAR on the wing of an airplane while escaping from being bound by ropes!

Yes, Remembering Harry Houdini on Halloween Means Presenting an Homage to an ArtisticPreneur who Like All Hallows Eve Faced Fear Daily and Died on this Holiday in 1926

Where this Website Got its Name

Today, October 31, is the official date of “Houdini Day” which this website,, was named after. Plus, today “Houdini Day” also marks the launch of National Magic Week.

Prestidigitators Make a Difference on National Magic Week

During National Magic Week, members from the Society of American Magicians Assembly #1 Manhattan, NYC, as well as Assemblies all over America, perform conjuring on behalf of those in Hospitals, Community Centers, Nursing Homes and more.

Helping Others with the Wave of a Wand

In short, volunteer performances are done anywhere that magic can make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering, or who are are unable to get out and see a magic show in-person. Hence, the shows are brought to them!

History of National Magic Week

As can be seen on the national site of the S.A.M. there is a section on the history of National Magic Week. It all began around 95 years ago with the introduction “Houdini Day” in the summer of 1927, less than one year from the death of Harry Houdini on October 31, 1926.

It Somehow Makes Sense that the Most Famous Magician and Escape Artist in the World would Pass Away on Halloween!

Houdini, prior to his passing decades ago on Halloween, had been the president for 9 years of the Parent Assembly #1 of the Society of American Magicians which still exists to this day. The current president of S.A.M. Assembly #1 is magician Sterling Lee. Plus, there are now many assemblies (chapters) all across America.

And Now for Something Completely Different!

And if on today, October 31, you would like to do something “completely different,”one possibility on this “All Hallow’s Eve, is to join in on a tradition that dates back to the 1920’s. What is this mystery event? A séance!

Séance? Did You Say Séance?!

Yes, we said séance. You see each year all over the world, séances are held in hope of getting in touch with Harry Houdini from beyond the grave. There are several here in New York City annually, including one at Houdini’s former home.

Quite a Magical Week!

And if you do not have séance location close to you today on Houdini Day, you can find one live on video streaming. A little searching using your favorite search engine will reveal your online options. So have a great Houdini Day! And if you are a Magician, be sure to participate, starting today, in National Magic Week bringing magic to those who need it!


The Day after the Houdini Séance

Many magicians chose to tune into the remote séance held by this year’s two “Magicians of the Year.”

During the middle of event there was a disruption which was presumed to be a hacking. All of us got disconnected from the undertaking in progress. And then, even with a new Zoom link, there was yet another hacking. There were two camps of explanation. Some thought the spirit of Houdini had done the hackings as a publicity stunt to draw even more attention to himself and the séance that was done for him. Others believed that Harry had, had enough…