Celebify Symposium Opening Night: Houdini Day Music Battle Séance

The "Houdini Day Music Battle Séance" is an in person invitation only launch event taking place in Manhattan NYC on Houdini Day, October 31, 2024, and is the first day of a three day learning process called Celebify Symposium with the remaining two days Nov. 1 and 2, both being presented via online video clips and blog content.

Industry Celeb

Throughout the three day happening the theme is "How to use a Celebrity Strategy to Celebify Your Career as an Industry Celeb." What is an Industry Celeb? It is someone in any sector or field who is well known in their Industry, hence are given the nickname of being an Industry Celeb. They are also sometimes called the acronym of ABEIFY (Artistic Businessperson Educator Innovator You).

All Business is in Show Business

Another theme of the Celebify Symposium is that "All Business is in Show Business" meaning that even if you are not in the Industry of Entertainment to maximize your chances of achieving a Personal Milestone of Professional Objective, it is vital that you use entertainment based Celebrity Strategy to Celebify yourself and your company.

Celebrity Strategy to Celebrity Strategy

Harry Houdini (Erik Weisz) 1874 - 1926 was well aware of this reality and was on a continual path of going from one Celebrity Strategy like escaping from chains to another Celebrity Strategy such as making an elephant disappear on stage, to yet another Celebrity Strategy along the lines of his exploration of him becoming a movie star to even the Celebrity Strategy of using his magic ability to debunk fake psychics for Scientific American.

Chain Escape, Elephant Disappearing, Movie Star and Fake Psychics

Chain escape, to elephant disappearing, to becoming a movie star to debunking fake psychics, each one is a Celebrity Strategy because it contributed in Houdini's life time to the process to Celebify himself.

Compelling Narrative

Another thing that chains, elephants, stars and psychics have in common is that they all lend themselves to being a compelling narrative, a tale, a story to tell. Will he get out of the chains? Can he make a giant elephant vanish on stage? Will being a famous magician translate to being a famous movie star? Can he, as a magician entertainer, mimic any feat of psychic séance that a cosmic practitioner is able to do?