We Appreciate Your Input

Great Going Guys

Many thanks go out to those who contacted us from the magic community to congratulate us on this blog. We love that we are receiving such a positive response to this website. Houdini truly is one of the greatest magicians who ever lived as seen even at Harry Potter Fan Club NYC, a popular Harry Potter fan site.  

What You Can Do

Some of the emails we received asked us if we needed help with anything. Our response is to please let us know of any magicians you feel should be nominated for a “Houdini” the official award of Houdini Day also known as the National Magic Day Awards that occurs on National Magic Day which is on October 31, the year that HH died.

Enter USA Magicians

Already Magicians are Being Celebrated at web locations like USA Magicians which was created to help with Houdini Day activities. Houdini Day is brought to you by USA How To, creators of “How To” eBooks and marketing.