Houdini Would Not Understand

Apparently Houdini was not a very nice fellow. There are stories of him competing and name calling he used to somehow further his fame. And it worked for him. His name lives on all over the world. But let’s take a look at what it must have been like to have had to deal with him. I am honored to be a member of the first chapter of an international organization, for which he was president for several years. I know I’ve gone into this before, but it is a great paradigm for living with criticism, meaning those who had to interact with him at meetings.

I’ve been a member of the same chapter for only three years, but during that time everything was copesetic. There have been fights for power to become president that I  was in the loop for. A resolution was achieved for the moment but the feelings live on. I imagine that our dear Harry must have just snapped being president because that was the only position that made sense to him in the early 1900’s. Our president today is a wonderful person who works hard and is inclusive.

There has been today a post on the very new Home Business Achievers in the eLearning department. It looks at Nike’s “Just do it” and does a touch up job making the fresh phrase: “Do it anyway.” Personally I’ve had a problem living “Just do it anyway.” I have initially followed the mantra “Just do it anyway,” and have done thinks like publishing an eBook on magic and initially having great results in the number sold as well as in the first two days becoming the number 1 status in marketing. But I got one bad review and I couldn’t handle it. I removed the book immediately. A humble eBook that could have had a place in a certain section of magic. If he was alive, Houdini would not understand.

Houdini Pre Social Media

Hook ‘Em In!

In the photo above,  the man in the circular shape is is of course Harry Houdini. Houdini was not only a great magician and escape artist in the early 1900’s, he was also a remarkable marketer. He knew how to use what at the time was an effective way to market: publicity stunts. This can still be used today but not likely to have the same impact. You see, this was pre television, cable, internet and more, so people gravitated to live entertainment. Houdini’s stunts were done in public places such as hanging upside down and escaping from a straight jacket. This stunt would lead to flyers being passed around to the gathered crowd announcing his live performance later in the evening.

Go After Individuals Who are Motivated to Buy

How does this link to social media? The connection is the need to get the prospect excited in finding something they desperately need, much like the gaping gatherings viewing Harry. With social media you need to know exactly what you want your viewer to do, or your paid ads worthless. For example, you could want the prospect to click on your Facebook ad about a free marketing video. When the prospect clicks, she or he is taken to video that promotes your services while at the same time has a benefit for them that motivates them to watch the video in the first place.

Get ‘Em Excited

In our example we want the future customer to watch the video to become informed. There might also be an offer for purchasing your product and/or joining your newsletter that means you get their email. With their email you can always sell to them later. Remember, just like Harry Houdini did with his crowds many years ago, you’ve got to rev up your future customer!

Houdini is a Part of the Whole Shebang


We are thrilled to announce that all of the various awards projects inherited by are going to be a part of the whole shebang to be celebrated on Houdini Day which is of course on October 31st, the day of Houdini’s death in 1926. Said Marketer Magician “Big Apple Awards and Houdini Day are joining forces with USmakeadifference and going to be the “go to” celebration for those making a difference i New York City and beyond!

Across America

“US Make a Difference” in its very title is encouraging members of the US (United States) to make a difference in their communities. And many are across America despite the challenges that currently exist.

Much to See

Keep your eyes open for more!

Houdini Could Not Escape Death But His Legend Lives On

The Houdini Legend

Houdini had the reputation of being able to escape from just about anything, but he could not escape death. He died on Halloween, 1926. But his death market not the end, but just the beginning of the build of his brand. He in life had been able to get hold of fascination by his audience and it was really “the people” who built the Houdini legend.

The Psyche of His Fans

Houdini has been the topic of many movie, documentaries and blog articles. It seems as if his name multiplies in terms of notoriety, daily. He is truly a viral success and all because he caught the public’s interest many years ago. His career was amazing from a marketing point of view in that he was always able to tape into the psyche’s of his audience.

Superhuman Ability

This brings up the question, why was Houdini so popular and what did he represent? To the various individuals who he performed for over time, saw him as a kind of superhero, able to escape from police handcuffs, walk through walls and even make an elephant vanish. The word is among some magicians was that he wasn’t a great conjurer but he was a terrific showman and he learned early on to give members of the public what they wanted: superhuman ability.

Looking Forward to the Next National Magic Week

National Magic Day


The most important magic day in the history of prestidigitators is on October 31, which aside from being a part of the “All Hallow’s Eve” fun, is the date of Houdini’s death, also known as National Magic Day.


Houdini Day


This was made a reality in 1938 when a member of the Chicago Assembly of the Society of American Magicians sought out Mrs. Houdini who at the time was living in my neighborhood in Manhattan, NY. Mrs. Houdini sanctioned the October 31 observance and it became “Houdini Day” which is of course the name of this website.


Communicating with Spirits


Houdini Day is the day that sadly, Harry went to the great beyond and we of the Society of American Magicians are suspending our disbelief as we try every Halloween through a séance to communicate with the spirit of this great escape artist and conjurer.


The Next National Magic Week


Also, Magic Week is celebrated during the week that Houdini passed away. For example, as of this writing, National Magic Week will next be celebrated starting on Sunday, October 25th, 2020 and running through to Saturday October 31, the date of H.H.’s death.


Helping Others


Houdini Day and National Magic Week is a time period that magician’s give back by the community through performing for sick children in hospitals who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to attend a magic show. Hence, the magic show is brought to them. Happy National Magic Week!

The Women in Houdini’s Life

The Women in Houdini’s Life

Houdini was one of the greatest marketers of all time. He impacted the world in so many ways. His life was like a series of work concentrated periods, much like a painter or sculptor. One of the most important influences for Harry Houdini were the women in his life: his mother and his wife.

Illusion Versus Reality

Houdini’s dream was to make his mother proud and to take care of her. This was one of the greatest motivators he had throughout his life. And even after she died, although he was a magician who peddled illusion for a living, his greatest hope was to contact his mother from beyond the grave.

Houdini Day

Bess Houdini, Harry’s wife, helped him throughout his career in many ways. She started out as his assistant and in later years represented his home life. While still alive Houdini and Mrs. Houdini agreed on a code so that whoever was to die first would try to contact the other, with the code authentication as proof of contact. Harry Houdini died first and absolute proof that he contacted his wife was never made. Houdini died on Halloween of 1926 which became known as “Houdini Day” the name of the website you are reading from right now.

We Appreciate Your Input

Great Going Guys

Many thanks go out to those who contacted us from the magic community to congratulate us on this blog. We love that we are receiving such a positive response to this website. Houdini truly is one of the greatest magicians who ever lived as seen even at Harry Potter Fan Club NYC, a popular Harry Potter fan site.  

What You Can Do

Some of the emails we received asked us if we needed help with anything. Our response is to please let us know of any magicians you feel should be nominated for a “Houdini” the official award of Houdini Day also known as the National Magic Day Awards that occurs on National Magic Day which is on October 31, the year that HH died.

Enter USA Magicians

Already Magicians are Being Celebrated at web locations like USA Magicians which was created to help with Houdini Day activities. Houdini Day is brought to you by USA How To, creators of “How To” eBooks and marketing.

There’s a Lot Brewing for Houdini Day

Who is brewing this particular Houdini Day concoction?


Making a Difference

There’s literally a lot brewing for Houdini Day also known as National Magic Day. Some magicians have taken out the pot and then have poured in the magic ingredients to make their strange concoction. Houdini Day is also a magic recipe of sorts in that it involves a celebration and an awards show but most importantly, magicians who are making a difference in their communities.

Helping Society

This is the awards show that was created by the gentleman who produced the famed Platinum PIAs Awards for an amazing 10 years. This producer is also a mentalist and magician and felt for his next communication project should have something to do with recognizing magicians who are helping out society.

More than Just Magic Folks

A question that often gets asked is if Houdini Day is just open to magicians? And the answer is no, not just conjurers are going to be presented with a “Houdini” (and the Houdini goes to…). It also for anyone, regardless of their profession, who are helping out those in need.

Join the Club

Do you know of a prestidigitator  or regular person who is deserving of a nomination. If so please let us know via going to our parent site USA How To and sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of any page on their website, followed by clicking the email that then appears in your mail box. This email has our contact email at USA How To.