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The people who brought you the Platinum PIAs Awards for a decade in the 2010s, are now engaged in shifting their focus to National Magic Day occurring annually on October 31, the day of Harry Houdini’s death, as well as year-round honoring of creative entrepreneurs who are living the American Dream and are making a difference in their communities. The National Magic Day Awards honors those with entrepreneurial leanings including MagicPreneurs, ArtisticPreneurs or any other kind of entrepreneur. The fact is that whether you are a magician or a small business, in order to be successful, you need to think like a businessperson. And one of the greatest entrepreneurs and marketers of all time was the legendary Harry Houdini himself.

National Magic Day is Born

“National Magic Day” started out by being called “Houdini Day,” the first celebration of which took place in the summer of 1927, less than one year after the death of Houdini on Halloween, 1926. In a ceremony, his widow Bess Houdini presented a trophy in honor of him, a ritual that that was then continued each year following. Then in 1938 a friend of the Houdini’s asked for and got permission from Mrs. Houdini to call October 31st National Magic Day in memory of her husband. We are by no means a part of all that except for the fact that we are fans. The celebration of this day was to have free magic performances for shut-ins and the handicapped, who would otherwise not be able to go out and enjoy a show. And it wasn’t long after that, that National Magic Day was the culmination of National Magic Week that runs from October 25th to October 31st. Again, we are not affiliated with any of this, just happy that such activity exists.