Houdini's Impact

Houdini Could Probably Give Us Some Tips on “How”

Houdini embraced technology. Which makes sense since he wanted access to whatever was necessary to make his performances and publicity better.

As we have explored elsewhere, it would be interesting to see what Houdini would do with digital marketing. There was no question he was a master marketer, so how would he use, say, social media to promote himself?

We will never know. But one thing is for sure which is that promoting is key to the success for many, and one such example is a new marketing strategy. Houdini is still influential today.

That word just written “influential” might have made you think about those influencers on that video channel. I know it did me. Influencers, because they have influence that causes many to buy what they are told to, have an interesting path to gaining that audience.

One of the ways that makes Solve Aim quite unique as a mood changer, is that it is not just of the mind, but is also external, doing the kinds of things that influencers do. Actions like getting fans, keeping them, convincing them to buy and so on.

The question comes up, are you down for that? A positive is that you can do it like most influencers do, from their own home. But the downside is that you are out there in the world.

Like fame. Well more than just kind of, because what you are doing is growing your audience, adding them to already existing followers, so you can get them to purchase any and everything.

I used to want to be famous when I was younger. First as a magician, then filmmaker then a marketer among other things. When my personal life improved, I found that the need for the spotlight, began to diminish. But look, wanting to be under the bright lights and on the carpet, is not a bad thing necessarily.