Houdini Day

Celebrating Houdini Day

A Day Soon Upon Us

Yes, it is 2020 on a Wednesday, looking forward Saturday which is Houdini Day. It is an honor to be writing for the official Houdini Day website and blog, if only because of our name. The photo above shows Houdini in the center, as he always. Although some did not like the magician, no one ever questioned his place in the very center of American magic.

Channeling the Master of Magic

On Saturday evening we will do what we always do which is try to communicate with Harry from beyond the grave. Hopeful that we will make that contact, we move forward. Even Houdini while alive doubted the existence of supernatural powers, yet there seemed to always be a part of him that wanted to believe.. If we believe, will we connect with him, the day of his death October 31st?