There’s a Lot Brewing for Houdini Day

Who is brewing this particular Houdini Day concoction?


Making a Difference

There’s literally a lot brewing for Houdini Day also known as National Magic Day. Some magicians have taken out the pot and then have poured in the magic ingredients to make their strange concoction. Houdini Day is also a magic recipe of sorts in that it involves a celebration and an awards show but most importantly, magicians who are making a difference in their communities.

Helping Society

This is the awards show that was created by the gentleman who produced the famed Platinum PIAs Awards for an amazing 10 years. This producer is also a mentalist and magician and felt for his next communication project should have something to do with recognizing magicians who are helping out society.

More than Just Magic Folks

A question that often gets asked is if Houdini Day is just open to magicians? And the answer is no, not just conjurers are going to be presented with a “Houdini” (and the Houdini goes to…). It also for anyone, regardless of their profession, who are helping out those in need.

Join the Club

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